Adult Team

In a large group, it is difficult for parents/carers to know who all of the adult staff are. Most of our adults work mainly in one area, but may work with other sections from time to time.

Group Scout Leader

Si Gray (T)

Senior Deputy Group Scout Leader

Matt Allison (T)

Deputy Group Scout Leader

Denis Fishwick (T)
Ali Gray
Mark Ireland

Skills Instructors

Malcolm Naylor (T)
Hilary Rawlins
Anne Collins

Chair: Claire Weston (T)

Treasurer: Andrew Carr (T)

Secretary: Jennifer Musgrave

Group Administrator: Pamela Batty

Group Executive Member: Joanne Dickens (T)

Group Executive Member: Helen Elliott

Group Executive Member: Joe O’Riordan

Group Executive Member: Lynsay Calloway

Group Executive Member: Claire Wipat

Group Executive Member: Katie Clapham

Trustee- (T)

Leaders and Helpers

Beaver Scout Leaders Beaver Scout Helpers

Jan Elliott Russell Wright

Richard Smith Explorer

Luke Taylor

Cub Scout Leaders Cub Scout Helpers

Matthew Allison Sue Burton

Jenny O’Neill Explorers

Karen Fuller

Sonia Morton

Neil Batty

Ailsa Reid-Harley

Abi Allison

Vince Chivers

Scout Leaders Scout Helpers

James Milburn Simon Elsworth

Paul Martin Russell Wright

Keith Dawson Amy Evans

Harry Staines Explorers

Dave Taylor

Dom Corr
Gavin Spencer

Neil Fuller

Sonia Morton

James Martin

Explorer Scout Leaders Explorer Scout Helpers

Ali Gray Ken Gray

Matthew Fishwick

Craig Banks

Andy Munro

John Linkleter

Dan Fishwick

Josh Parry

Mark Ireland

Justin Peel

Paul Trigg